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This is the history of our family Ancestry on the Fitzsimons side of the family. Great Grandfather Thomas Fitzsimons came from County Cavan and that is where the story begins:
Thomas Fitzsimons was born in 1839 in Mullagh in County Cavan his parents were John Fitzsimons and Ann O'Dowd.
He married Alice Cleary- Clarke (Cleary being written on some of the documents as she liked to be called by the Irish form of Clarke).
Great Grandmother Alice came from Oldtown in County Dublin and was born in 1835 to John Cleary- Clarke and his wife Alice. Alice died 26/5/1902 in Priorswood, County Dublin of Senile Dementia.
She was one of 4 sisters. Her sisters were Mary, Catherine and Elizabeth.
Thomas died on 14/10/1899 after an accident in Dublin where he came into "violent contact accidently with a travelling road engine". He died of multiple injuries in Parkgate Street in Dublin.
Here is their family:
Thomas Fitzsimons born 1839 married Alice Cleary Clarke on 13th July 1863. They were married in St Brigid's Church in Rolestown County Dublin; the witnesses to the marriage were James Lennon and Ann Gallagher.
Their children were:
Catherine born 17/10/1854 in Mullagh County Cavan. She died a spinster in 1924.
Mary Ann born 31/12/1863 in Cloghran- Baskin County Dublin. She was baptised in St Columcille's Church in Swords.She married Peter Smith.
John born 4/6/1866 in St Margarets County Dublin (batchelor)died 14/1/1940.
John lived in Santry County Dublin and he was a farm labourer.
Margaret born 30/1/1869 Tonlegee County Dublin. She was baptised in St Brendan's in Coolock and her baptism sponsors were: John Sherry and Margaret Caddington.  She married James Carrick. (She married twice more and this will be a separate chapter!) She married James Carrick in St John the Baptist in Clontarf on 29th April 1888. The witnesses were Thomas Larrigan and Anne Mooney. James Carrick was the son of Henry Carrick. James died in the Boer War.
Thomas born 12/7/1871 in Beaumont Lodge. He was baptised in St Brendans' in Coolock. His sponsors were: Patrick Flynn and Maryanne Fitzsimons.
Alice born 1/3/1873 in Belcamp. She was baptised in St Brendan's in Coolock and her baptism sponsors were: Michael Flood and Catherine Hughes. She married James Monaghan on 25th May 1903 in the Pro Cathedral. James Monaghan was the son of Nicholas Monaghan. Alice and James were both living at 4 Lower Rutland Street at the time of the marriage.The witnesses were: Joseph McGarry and Margaret Whelan.
Patrick (my Grandfather) born 25/8/1875 in Belcamp. He was baptised in St Brendan's Church Coolock and his baptism sponsors were: Joseph Fitzsimons and Ann Waters. He married Mary Whelan and died 23/12/1933
Elizabeth born 5/9/1879 in Belcamp. She was baptised in St Brendan's Church Coolock and her baptism sponsors were Peter Brady and Ann Moran. She married John Hughes. They were the parents of Padser (Patrick) Hughes the Boxer. (another chapter).
Patrick Fitzsimons (my Grandfather) married Mary Whelan. They were married on 4/10/1901 in St Joseph's Church Berkley Road Dublin. The witnesses were: Arthur Cullen and Mary Leonard.
Patrick died on 23/12/1933 at 111 Lwr. Gardiner Street Dublin. He is buried in Kinsealy Graveyard in County Dublin, West of the Vault.
Mary Whelan was the daughter of James Whelan and Margaret Russell, she is buried with Patrick in Kinsealy.
Here is their family:
James born 1/1/1896 in Kelly's Row Dublin. He married Christine Gibney.
Patrick born 23/8/1901 in the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin. He was brought home to 7 Dispensary Lane Dublin.
Thomas born 29/6/1903 in the Rotunda Hospital Dublin. He was brought home to 34 Cumberland Street. He was baptised in St Marys Pro Cathedral. His baptism sponsor was Kathleen Foran. He married Sally Clinch. Thomas died 23/3/1947 in St Kevin's Hospital Dublin. His last address was 44 Sean McDermott Street Dublin.
Alice Margaret born 1/8/1905 at 25 Cumberland Street Dublin. She was baptised in the Pro cathedral and her baptism sponsor was Elizabeth Hughes.
Esther born 28/8/1907 at 15 Glorneys Buildings Dublin. She was baptised in St Mary's Pro Cathedral and her baptism sponsor was Margaret Whelan.She married John Duffy. Esther died 5/3/1995.
Mary Anne born 13/5/1910 at 5 Lower Gloucester Place Dublin.
John born ------ married Mary Ludlow on 6/10/1941 in the Pro Cathedral Dublin. The witnesses to his marriage were: James King and Annie Wright.
William Frederick born 21/7/1917 at 111 Lower Gardiner Street Dublin. He was baptised in Our Lady of Lourdes Church Dublin and his baptism sponsor was Mary Whelan. He died as a young boy of Pulmonary Tuberculosis on 15/6/1926.
Christina (my Mother) born 8/12/1919 at 111 Lower Gardiner Street Dublin. She was baptised in Our Lady of Lourdes Church. The baptism sponsor was Kathleen Hughes. She married John Joseph Francis Byrne. She died 1/10/1991. She had 9 children.
Paddy Hughes (Padser)                                 Boxing.
Patrick Hughes was born on the 24th March 1909 to John Hughes and Elizabeth Fitzsimons at 18 Upper Buckingham Street in Dublin.
Gardiner Street was once dubbed "The Street of Champions". Likewise, Broombridge Road could aptly be described as the Road of Champions, for it gave the Irish Boxing World no less than six National champions, five of whom represented their country at International level. For an area that boasted it's own boxing club, it has provided some of our most colourful and successful national and international boxers. The sportsmen in this particular field have been great ambassadors of sport for their country, a statement that can be confirmed by the presentation in 1972  of a beautiful watch to Philip Roche, Killala Road, by the Boxing Authorities in Wolverhampton for being best loser on the night of a Leinster/Wolverhampton Selection Contest.
Quietly living among us at 70 Carnlough Road, was Paddy Hughes, a modest man, who came to Cabra West over 48 years ago, born in 1909, Paddy started his boxing career in 1923 when he won the All Ireland Juvenile Championship held in The Everyman's now the Gate Theatre, giving birth to a successful career in Irish Boxing. In 1929 and in 1930 he was Irish Flyweight Champion. In 1931 and in 1932 he was Irish Bantamweight Champion and in 1933 and in 1935 he was Irish Featherweight Champion. In between the successful run of championships, Paddy competed and won The Tailteann Games in Croke Park in 1932 and was Leinster Featherweight respectively.
On the International front, Paddy's first tournament was in Berlin in 1929. There were three Gardai from the famous Garda Boxing Club in the squad- the legendary Dick Hearns, Jim Murphy and John Driscoll. Paddy represented Ireland in the 1932 Los Angeles  Olympic Games and with great pride recounts the visit of his son to the 1988 Olympic Games in the same city where he saw Paddy;s name on a plaque as a competitor in the 1932 games. He was featured on the John Player cigarette box, along with the great Ernie Smith in 1933.
Paddy had 128 fights in his career, starting with the North City Boxing Club in a basement in Gardiner Street, he transferred to Corinthians and with the assistance of Colm Gallagher TD, he launched himself in the Senior Boxing Arena. He boxed with Ernie Smith in the pre- Olympic Trials for the 1936 Berlin Olympics and got into the finals having damaged his knee in the first fight , he lost in the finals to an Italian, deciding on his return home to retire, as he felt that 8 years at the top was enough.
Paddy and the famous Garda - Jim "Lugs" Brannigan, were lifelong friends and like the legendary "Lugs" Paddy continued his service to Irish Sport and trained Stella Maris BC, North Charles Street BC, and St Mary's BC East Wall. He was boxing instructor with O'Connell's BC Seville Place, and under his guidance they won best club with Comhairle Le Leas Cige. In 1990 he retired from active involvement in the sport.
His working career was spent in the Irish Press, Burgh Quay from 1932, until his retirement in 1979. He has five children, Marie, Ann, Kathleen, Elizabeth and Patrick. A member of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Asssociation for the past 66 years he was the proud recipient of a Golden Pioneer Pin in December 1990.



James Fitzsimons born 1/1/1896.
Son of Patrick Fitzsimons and Mary Whelan.
James married Christine Gibney on 5/11/1926 in the church of St Nicholas, South City Dublin and the marriage sponsors were James and Mary Brown. They had two daughters, Moira and Christine. He died of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Drumcondra Hospital on the Whitworth Road, Dublin.
In 1923 James received a prison sentence for a crime he did not commit. He received a sentence of 7 years Penal Servitude for the crime: Robbery under Arms. He was released under licence  on 7/12/1923 by the Minister of Home Affairs and removed from Mountjoy Prison to Crooksling Sanitorium accomapnied by a prison warder.
The following is a transcript that we have found in regard to James in the National Archives in Dublin. It is a day by day transcript from the prison ledger.
Mountjoy Prison 1923
Former Ref: 84.23
Name: James Fitzsimons
Age : 27
Height: 5.1
Hair : Brown
Eyes: Green
Complexion: Fresh
Marks: small cut mark on nose, bullet wound on elbow.
Weight on admission: 116lbs
Where born: Kellys Row Dorset Street
Last Redidence: 111 Lwr Gardiner Street
Father: Patrick same address
Occupation: Lab. Pensioner. Labourer Corporation 609187
Married or single: Single
Religion: RC
Degree of Education: Read and Write
Date of commital for trial: 9/2/1923
Offence: Robbery under Arms
Court from which commited: The Right Honourable the Recorder, Dublin City Sessions 16/2/1923
Sentence: 7 years
Fine,Bail or Hard Labour: P.S.
Expiration of Sentence: 15/2/1930
Further Remarks: M.G.  C. 16/2/1923.
Entries from the daily Prison Journal in Mountjoy Prison:
Year 1923
Subject: James Fitzsmons E678
Date: 19/2/1923
Entry 827
By Civic Governor Mountjoy
E678 James Fitzsimons
Request for authority to have sputum examined for TB by Dr Earl, Specialist
Date: 22/2/1923
Entry 890
By: Civic Governor Mountjoy
E678 James Fitzsimons
TB of lungs, discharge record by Medical Officer
Date: 26/2/1923
Entry: 946
By: Civic Governor Mountjoy
E678 James Fitzsimons
Prison Convict: Copy of Report. Index S.0.1. TB of lungs
Date: 7/3/1923
Entry: 3982
By: Civic Governor Mountjoy
E678 James Fitzsimons
James Fitzsimons submitted for select division.
Date: 4/4/1923
Entry: 1520
By: Civic Governor Mountjoy
E678 James Fitzsimons
James Fitzsimons asks for special visit.
Date: 12/4/1923
Entry: 1693
By: Ministry of Home Affairs
Application by Mr. J. A. Scott soldier,to visit James Fitzsimons, Mountjoy Prison.
No objections to proposed visit.
Date: 14/6/1923
Entry: 2843
By: Civic Governor Mountjoy
E678 James Fitzsimons
James Fitzsimons, TB, Chaplain informed of his condition
Date: 16/6/1923
Entry: 2883
By: Civic Governor Mountjoy
E678 James Fitzsimons
Further Medical Report
Date: 18/6/1923
Entry: 2911
By: Civic Governor Mountjoy
E678 James Fitzsimons
Further Medical Report
Date: 21/9/1923
Entry: 4489
By: Civic Governor Mountjoy
E678 James Fitzsimons
Suffering from TB, serious attack, relatives informed.
Date: 1/10/1923
Entry: 4676
By Civic Governor Mountjoy
E678 James Fitzsimons
Suffering from Pulmonary TB. MO opinions that he will not live to complete his sentence in prison.
Date: 12/10/1923
Entry: 4923
By: Civic Governor Mountjoy
E678 James Fitzsimons
Production of E678 James Fitzsimons at Tuberculosis Dispensary, Charles Street Dublin. Question of order from Home Affairs Office.
Date: 17/10/1923
Entry: 5019
By: Civic Governor Mountjoy
E678 James Fitzsimons
Copy of letter sent to Dr Murray, Tuberculosis Dispensary, re- visit to convict James Fitzsimons
MO suggests steps to be taken for production at dispensary.
Date: 1/11/1923
Entry: 5293
By: Ministry of Home Affairs
E678 James Fitzsimons
Transmitting Order for production of convict James Fitzsimons, Mountjoy Prison, at Tuberculosis Dispensary Charles Street West Dublin under section 17 (6) Criminal Justice Act 1914.
Date: 6/11/1923
Entry: 5381
By: Civic Governor Mountjoy
E678 James Fitzsimons
Produced at Tuberculosis Dispensary. Dr Murray of opinion a case for sanitorium. Will forward card of admission when received.
Date: 18/11/1923
Entry: 5599
By: Civic Governor Mountjoy
E678 James Fitzsimons
Removal of convict James Fitzsimons to sanitorium, removal by taxi.
Date: 22/11/1923
Entry: 5736
By: Civic Governor Mountjoy
E678 James Fitzsimons
Convict James Fitzsimons Mountjoy Prison to be released on license with a view to removal to Crooksling Sanitorium and to be allowed to report to police by letter.
Date: 24/11/1923
Entry: 5793
By: Civic Governor Mountjoy
E678 James Fitzsimons
Penal Record of E678 James Fitzsimons
Date: 28/11/1923
Entry: 5863
By: Civic Governor Mountjoy
E678 James Fitzsimons
Requests to be informed date of release on licence of E678 James Fitzsimons in order to apply for admission form to sanitorium.
Date: 7/12/1923
Entry: 6047
By: Civic governor Mountjoy
E678 James Fitzsimons released on license this date by order of Ministry of Home Affairs No. 8/567 and removed to Crooksling Sanitorium accompanied by a warder.
This is the last entry in connection with James in the prison day book. It was found out whilst James was in the hospital that a  man had come forward also suffering from TB, and did not have long to live, he recognised James and admitted that he did the Armed Robbery and told the police that James was innocent. The man was identified by the business man whose premises had been held up on that fateful day.
James came out of the sanitorium a while later and met Christine Gibney whom he married on the 5th November 1926. They had two daughters.

Notes found written by John Fitzsimons
The living is a vicerage in the diocese of Dublin, united to that of Kilboggin, and in the patronage of the Archbishop and the Archdeacon, the former having one and the latter, two presentations; the rectory is impropriate in Sir Compton Domville, Baronet, C. Fitzsimons Esq., and Mrs Anderson. The tithes amount to 186.3.8d of which 66.1.7d is payable to Sir C. Domville, 63.11.8d to Mr Fitzsimons, 9.18.11d to Mrs Anderson and $46.11.6d to he vicar;the gross tithes to the benefice are $196.11.6d.
The glebe house was built by a gift of 450 and a loan of 50 from the late Board of First Fruits in 1816;the glebe comprises fourteen acres of profitable land. The church, a handsome edifice in the later English style, was erected in 1826 at an expense of 1900, of which 900 was a gift from the late Board of First Fruits, 500 from the late Lord Powerscourt, and 500 raised by assessment; the Ecclesiatical Commissioners have recently granted 181 for its repair.
In the RC divisions the Parish forms part of the union of Sandyford and Glencullen at which latter place is a neat chapel with a burial ground.
At Glencullen a monastery was founded in 1835, on a piece of ground given by Mr Fitzsimons. About 200 children are taught in two public schools, of which one at Glencullen is supported by the National Board and one at the Scalp by subscription. There are some remains of the ancient parish church, a picturesque ruin of the earliest ages;there are several raths, and in the demesne of Kilternan House is a cromlech. The Rev Father O'Leary composed several of his works while on a visit with the Fitzsimons family, at Glencullen, in this Parish.
Notes by John Fitzsimons:
The church is altogether ruinous; there is nothing but bare walls. Mr. T. Fitzsimons of the Grange is a farmer to it. There is mass commonly said upon Sundays and holidays in the said Mr Fitzsimons house where the parishioners commonly resort. There are no Protestants in this Parish.