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This is Dorothy's page......I was born in Lincolnshire to Captain William Leslie Drayton and Elizabeth Almazoff. I work in the City of Dublin for the Salvation Army. My hobbies are first and foremost, genealogy, backgammon, chess, crossword puzzles and computing. I am married to Patrick and he is from Dublin and we have lived back here in Ireland for the last 23 years. We lived in Turkey,Denmark, Iceland and quite a few other cities in Europe. We like eating out and love good wine. I am a member of Mensa and have friends on the internet from all over the world.
My Grandfather Alexander Almazoff was born in Tomsk in Northern Siberia on 6/5/1882 he died 11/5/1928 in Pnom Penn. He married my grandmother Maude Walton in 1919 in Shanghai. My mother Elizabeth and my Aunt Dorothy were both born out there and lived there until my grandfather died. My grandmother then returned to England with the two girls back to Chester le Street where she originally came from, in County Durham. I have lots of beautiful photo albums of the family from when they lived there.
We have three children 2 boys and a girl,and 6 grandchildren.
I have found some long lost cousins in America in California, whose parents were cousins of my grandfather.
Paul Hannan, his mother being Dorothy Almazoff, has a workshop where he deals with Harley Davisons and works there with his son.


Our daughter Donna

Our Grandson Zul and his girlfriend

Our Granddaughter Avril

Zul and Alim at School

My grandparents Alexander and Maud Almazoff with my mum as a baby


Uncle Eric, Uncle Jim and my Dad