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Do you have diabetes? If so this is an excellent site taking you through the ins and outs,ups and downs and general knowledge of one of todays most common medical problems. Click on our Diabetes and Medication Link at the top of the page to find some very interesting sites on the subject

Legend Care Preventative Foot Care for Diabetics- in a sock:
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Legend Care Preventative Foot Care for diabetics- in a sock.
Most people with diabetes have a desire to stay active but may be deterred by fragile feet. Foot problems are the most common cause for hospitalization among people with diabetes.Calluses and blisters form more readily in people with diabetes. Dreaded foot ulcers usually develop after a history of calluses and blisters. Ulcers in turn are the most common starting point for amputations, so good diabetic control and proper foot care are vital.
Legend Care, an Irish firm, identified increased friction and foot pressure as the main physical factors involved in foot problems and spent 3 years developing a product that reduces the risks and can be worn on a daily basis.
The Preventative Foot Care (PFC) sock was introduced in December 2003 with endorsement from the Diabetes Federation of Ireland..
It consists of a two layer sock. The outer layer has a densely padded sole and distributes pressure away from the main areas of contact- also covering the heel. Peak pressure on the risk areas is reduced by up to 20%.
The inner layer has fibres that reduce friction by about 30%, and perform better the more pressure they have to withstand. In addition,fibres coated in silver keep the bacterial and fungal environment in check. The two layers are joined by a flat seam to minimize irritation to the toes. The socks also feature a less restrictive leg portion to avoid reducing blood circulation in the foot.
The Diabetes Federation of Ireland has endorsed the Legend Care PFC sock as part of daily diabetic foot care. PFC socks should be worn with appropriately fitting footwear. They are easy to care for, requiring only washing at 40 degrees C or under. Use of fabric softener or a spin dryer are not recommended.
Legend PFC socks are available in Thermal and non thermal versions. The thermal version has extra padding at the risk areas of toe and heel and is about 10% heavier. This suitable for people with cold feet or for colder weather conditions. PFC socks come in 5 colours and in a range of shoe sizes for men and women.
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