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The Irish Brigade in the Service of France

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The Irish Brigade in the Service of France
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O'Hart Irish Pedigrees Vol. 2 RR9291
Paper No. 1


The following is an additional list of Irishmen who served in the French Army:

O'Byrne                 Capitaine   1698             Regt.of Dublin

O'Byrne Charles     Capitaine   1709             Regt.deGalmoy

O'Byrne                Capitaine     1716-1727   Regt.deBerwick

O'Byrne                 Lt.              1736
O'Byrne Gregory   Capt.          1770             Regt.deBerwick
O'Byrne James       Sub Lieut.  1717             Regt.deBerwick
O'Byrne John         Sub Lieut.  1788              Regt.deBerwick
O'Byrne Richard    Sub Lieut.  1788-1780,    Regt. de Walsh
Capt       1788-1792             
O'Byrne Jaques      Capt          1769              Regt de Berwick
O'Byrne Georges   Sub Lieut    1788              Regt de Walsh
Capt       1792-1794   
Note: of officers of the name O'Byrne there were several in the regiments of Power, Galmoy, Berwick and Walsh. Of these Gregory O'Byrne b. Dublin March 1724 and Captain in Berwick's Regiment in 1770 was created in November 1774 Chevalier of St Louis.
James O'Byrne born June 1730 also Captain of the same regiment was made in April 1770 a Chevalier of the same order and in 1843 Miles O'Byrne was Chef de Batallion and Chevalier of the Legion of Honour as well as the Order of St Louis.